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Slat conveyors are a type of conveying technology that utilizes a chain-driven loop of slats to move product from one of its ends to another. The chain is driven by a motor, which causes it to cycle just as belt conveyors  do. They come in a range of speeds and widths and have optional side railings to guide materials through the conveyor system, if desired.

Standard slat conveyors

Standard slat conveyors are used throughout industry to transport small to medium-sized objects that require orientation control and no accumulation. They range in size and rating, but they are most often energy-efficient and can run at a faster speed than other  conveyor types thanks to their smaller profile. 

Apron conveyors

Apron conveyors are specialized slat conveyors that implement interlinked slats with raised edges to create a sealed, moving trough. It provides a conveying surface that can move both solids and aggregates, and even semi-liquids such as concrete and slurry. 

Heavy-duty slat conveyors

Heavy-duty conveyors are vital components of the automotive manufacturing market, as they are the heart and soul of assembly lines. They provide workspace, support, and transport of heavy, irregular materials with ease, and are rugged enough to work under such stress. 






Benefits of Slat Conveyors chain: 



Great for assembling products on either a moving assembly line or on the line at each work station while the line is stopped (before indexing to the next position). They provide a great stable working surface.


Industrial  conveyors can move in either continuous or indexing modes (i.e. the conveyor stops and starts each time to move a product to the end of the belt using a sensor).


Very well suited for robotic loading and unloading functions as the fixture is always in a repeatable location. With appropriate guarding, human and robotic assembly work can be carried out on the same assembly line.


What are slat conveyors?


The slat conveyor is most useful for heavy products that would normally damage most conveyors, as well as for hot or dangerous items. They control the orientation of an object and are widely used in manufacturing plants as assembly line conveyors. Typical slat conveyors only work in straight runs, but smaller, more flexible slat chains have been made to allow for a curved slat chain conveyor which find many uses in the food and bottle manufacturing industries.

They work great in harsh environments and can get wet or oily without much risk of damage and are only held back by their inability to accumulate materials on their surface . Slat conveyors are also most useful when horizontal or slightly inclined, but again, exceptions exist.





Flexible chain for every need


Reliable and cost-efficient chain conveyor solutions are required in numerous applications across many industries. 

Our products are available in a wide selection of problem-solving materials delivering key features that include low friction, enhanced chemical resistance, high temperature resistance, and anti-static and magnetic properties.
Industries served include automotive; bakery; beverage and canning; materials handling; meat, poultry and fish; packaging, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, textiles and tissue.



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